Who We Are

Robert Hawthorne

Rob Hawthorne, co-owner of PDX Living, LLC, is a licensed architect, general contractor, and Certified Passive House Consultant. He focused on urban housing during his architectural studies at Cal Poly State University, where he received the AIA Henry Adams Medal for graduating top of his class. He lived for two years in Germany, where he learned to appreciate the efficient and well-designed housing found there. Rob designed both residential and commercial projects at GBD Architects Incorporated in Portland, Oregon, before founding his own architectural practice and development company. He enjoys being able to oversee a project from start to finish and to make decisions as the designer, contractor, and owner of a project.

Bart Bergquist

Bart Bergquist, co-owner of PDX Living, LLC, has over thirty years of construction experience. He has worked on both new-construction and remodeling projects, but it is his extensive remodeling experience that has taught him which materials and construction methods are successful- and which are not.  He particularly enjoys being able to use his creativity in solving the unique challenges of Passive House construction and is proud to be involved in such forward-thinking projects. He previously owned a construction remodeling company, Willamette Valley Remodeling.

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